School established by Rev. Father Gregory De Groote, a Benedictine Priest in January 1882 set many historical records towards its journey of education as well as humanitarian activities. The school came into being with a handful of boys. But soon school had to be closed down twice. The school resumed then in 1889 and Father Francis Boeres CSC took the charge of the school. Within twenty years, he set the school upon its solid foundation by his untiring efforts. The school was initially used to teach only Eurasian and European children. Indian students were only allowed under special permission and that was only fifteen percent. In 1898 there were six Bengali boys and two Bengali girls among the students. In 1912 the girls section was separated from the boys and St. Francis Xavier’s came into

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মো. আনিসুল হক পাটোয়ারী



মো. আনিসুল হক পাটোয়ারী


মো. আনিসুল হক পাটোয়ারী

অধ্যক্ষ/প্রধান শিক্ষক

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